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Your Questions Answered

Q. When was the club established?

A. Mistley Kids club (previously Mistley Norman Kids club) was established in January 1999. The club changed its name to Mistley Kids Club Limited in 2010.

Q. Do you take on children with additional needs?

A. Yes, we do. We ask that you come and visit us in our setting to make sure that you feel we can provide suitable care for your child. At this time, we too will do a risk assessment to make sure that we can give your child the best care within our setting. Your child receiving a space may be subject to a waiting list.

Q. Can you provide transport from special educational needs schools?

A. Yes. We have drivers who collect from schools on set days. All of our drivers are DBS checked, have Full UK licenses with business insurance.
A full list of schools we collect from from can be found here.​

Q. Do your staff have relevant first aid training and have an up to date first aid kit in your setting?

A. Yes, over 60% of our staff have relevant first aid and mental health training.  Our first aid kit is up to date and is regularly replenished.

Q. Do you accept childcare vouchers?

A. Yes. We accept Edenred, Computershare, Government Tax Free Childcare, and Cooperative.

We are happy to join any scheme that suits your needs.


Q. Do you offer late pick-ups from school if my child attends an after-school club?

A. Yes, we offer late pick-ups. Your child/children will be picked up when the club has finished and will be driven to the club by a member of staff, for prices, click here.

Q. What if I am late collecting my child?

A. An additional fee of £15.00 per child per 15 minutes will be added to your bill if you are late picking up.

Q. How many places are you registered with Ofsted for?

A. We are registered for 60 places. For our full Ofsted report please visit Ofsted’s website here.

Q. Can you provide transport in the school holidays?

A. At the moment we are not offering transport in the school holidays due to staffing.

Q. Do you provide any trips or outings?

A. Currently we do not offer any planned trips or outings due to the high volume of children that attend our club in the holidays.


Q. Do you offer food and drink at the club?

A. Yes, during holiday club we have biscuits and circle time at 10AM and we provide a snack for the children around 4PM. We also offer lunches for £3 – Drinks are available all day.
For after school club we provide a snack at 4PM and drinks all day. 

To view a sample menu for what may be on offer over the course of a week, click here


Q. Are there adequate parking facilities at the setting?

A. Yes, there is a large car park outside the club with accessible  spaces and a ramp to access the building.

Q. What activities are there to do in your local surroundings?

A. There is a park, with swings, slide, roundabout etc.
There is a large wood which the children love to go for walks in and do the Fitness Trail.


Q. How often do you run your club’s tuck shop?

A. Our tuck shop is run every day (after school and in the holidays) where sweets can be brought if your child has money with them.

Q. Do you fundraise?

A. Yes, we fundraise throughout the year to raise money for the club. However, we are always looking for more ways to do so. If you have any fundraising ideas then please let us know. We also appreciate any donations of money or equipment for Kids Club. Money can be donated using PayPal and equipment by being bought into the club

Q. What measures do you have in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

A. Please read our COVID-19 Action plan which contains info on all of our preventative measures. ACTION PLAN

If you feel there are any questions we have not answered, please send us an email or a text message, details of how to do this are on our contact page.

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