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1-1 Session Survey

As many of you will know, the increasing demand for spaces for SEND Children is meaning that our waititng list is growing week on week.

We are hoping to be able to offer some of our new children spaces as many of them are in crisis as there are simply no spaces for them anywhere.

Some may remember when we used to do our split sessions which enabled us to "double" up on 1-1 spaces for that day, without increasing staff numbers, and by only reducing your session times by approx 1-1:30 hours.

We are trying to gauge whether this is something we could try to introduce again to be able to offer more children respite.

Please complete the short survey below to let us know how you would feel about this.

This may not be for every child every session, and would not affect Saturday Club, but if we can find a few families who would be happy to occasionally have these session times then it would benefit a lot of our new families to also give them a much needed break.

Thank you

Would you be happy?
What session times would work for you?

Thank you!

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